Human Services

The School of Human Services (now containing the School Academic Studies) houses a range of diverse programs, including American Sign Language/Interpreter Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Communications, and Developmental and College-level English.

They also oversee the Liberal Studies AA Degree Program, the Liberal Studies/Pre-Social Work AA Degree program, the Liberal Studies AA Degree Program, and peer and professional tutoring services for all students.

In the School of Human Services, we offer flexible and customized programs to meet your scheduling needs and career goals. Our portfolio and degree completion Board of Governors program rewards you for prior learning and work-related experience.

Maybe you’re seeking a career in the Culinary Arts, or maybe you’re looking to work in Criminal Justice. With our wide selection of Associate (AA, AAS) and Certificate (CAS) degrees, Advanced Skill Set and Skill Set Certificates , there’s a lot to choose from in the School of Human Services. Learn how you can enhance your skills and grow in your field today. Check out a list of programs below.


ASL/Interpreter Education Program, AAS

Applied Design, AAS:

Fashion Design and Merchandising
Interior Design
Design Specialist
Link to Applied Design Learning Commons

Board of Governors, AAS
Criminal Justice, AAS
Early Childhood, AAS
Emergency Medical Services, AAS

Food Service Management:, AAS

Culinary Arts
Dietary Manager
Pastry & Baking Arts
Resort & Hotel Management

Liberal Studies Degree Programs, AA:

Liberal Studies
Pre-Social Work
WVU-BA Pathways

Occupational Development, AAS:

Early Childhood Practitioner

Paralegal Studies, AAS:

Paralegal Studies
Landwork Concentration


Emergency Medical Services: Paramedic (CAS)
Para-Professional in Education (CAS)


Classroom Teaching Assistant (Adv. Skill Set)
Early Childhood Teaching Assistant (Adv. Skill Set)
Events Management(Adv. Skill Set)
Classroom Teachers Aide(Skill Set)
Early Childhood Teacher’s Aide (Skill Set)
ServSafe (Skill Set)