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Army ROTC courses are offered to Pierpont Community & Technical College students at no additional cost. These courses are offered on the main campus of Pierpont.Army ROTC Logo
Army ROTC courses are a great opportunity for students to learn what it takes to be a leader in the United States Army. Army ROTC courses are offered to Freshmen and Sophomores without any military commitment.
Freshmen and Sophomores entering ROTC courses will be taught basic fundamentals of the US Army. This includes rank structure, uniform wear, and customs and courtesies. Juniors and Seniors in the Advanced ROTC course can expect to be taught the fundamentals of leadership. This includes, techniques, ethics, small unit tactics, and preparing for commissioning.
2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4 year scholarships are available to almost every major. Scholarships are valid for Tuition and Fees or room and board. In addition scholarship students receive 600 dollars a semester for books. Tax free monthly stipends are available from 300-500 dollars a month.
For further information contact Captain Joe Perella at 304-293-2911 X 33135 or 304-685-7766. The WVU website is and the Army ROTC website is .
"Climb to Glory"
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