Creative Services

We can help departments and programs plan, design, and produce effective, professional communication materials such as brochures, mailers, videos, and electronic campaigns that meet Pierpont’s brand standards.
A strong visual identify is essential to representing a unified and consistent college image in the community – a constant reminder that Pierpont Community & Technical College is a College of choice in the market. Translating brand language into action is often a challenge, but its strength depends on the clarity and consistency of the communications vehicles that convey it. That means a consistent and coordinated use of the tagline, log, color, and typography. The visual guidelines set the standard on how the College can communicate clearly and professionally with all aspects of its constituency. Consistency strengthens the message and sends a signal that Pierpont Community & Technical College takes pride in its standards of quality. It will also help us communicate our mission with one voice. 
Color is the most recognizable element of identity and should evoke immediate recognition of a brand or College. Market segments can react to a color even faster than a logo. Color provides a strong visual link to the Pierpont Community & Technical College brand identity across a variety of applications. Our primary color palette contains two primary colors that will reinforce the image of our college each time the colors are seen.
When done thoughtfully and strategically, an entity’s brand is carefully designed to promote its unique features from the collective perspective of its stakeholders. Unified branding enhances the coordination of Pierpont’s marketing and communications efforts, helping it convey a professional and positive image to our valued constituencies. Consistent use of Pierpont’s branding promotes reliable identity recognition in a crowded higher education marketplace where the college must compete for students, faculty and funding resources.

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