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Academic accommodations may include the use of electronic textbooks, which can be read aloud to students with electronic devices or computer software, such as NaturalReader.  When it is determined that electronic textbooks are an appropriate accommodation, students may choose to download NaturalReader by clicking on this link or at the following website: http://www.naturalreaders.com/index.html?gclid=CJ6ivqiTjM0CFQckhgodU8gK8Q  
If the student needs help with this, they can contact the Office of Counseling & Disability Services at 304-333-3661, or by email at access@pierpont.edu, or stop by the office at 316 Turley Student Services Center. 
Students should complete the following form to obtain digital copies of textbooks. It is the responsibility of the student to provide the Office of Disability Services with a copy of the receipt that confirms the date the requested textbooks were purchased and the price of the textbooks.


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