Offices/Service Directory

Area Code: 304     See bottom of page for building names
Schools Phone Location Name/Title
School of Business, Aviation, and Technology 367-4632 ET 302a Dr. Gerald Bacza, Dean
School of Health Careers 367-4284 Advanced Technology Center Michael Waid, Dean
School of Human Services 367-4919 ED 137 David Beighley, Dean
School of Workforce Development 367-4961 Advanced Technology Center Denny Mills, Interim Dean
Offices & Services Phone Location Name/Title
Sponsored Grants Accounting
HB 305
3rd Floor HB
Carolyn Fletcher, Director
Sandy Shriver, Office Admin., Sr
ACT Testing Services 367-4617  Library Charley Hively, Coordinator 
Admissions 367-4503 HB 230 Jennifer Weist, Assoc. VP Student Services
Adult Learning Center 367-4873 Library Kay Pitrolo
Advising 367-4990 HB 201 Nancy Williams Parks
Affirmative Action 367-4386 HB 324a Cynthia Curry, Director
Alumni Affairs 367-4692 Advanced Technology Center Steve Leach
Ballroom Dancing 367-4919 ED 137 Dr. Beth Newcome
Benefits Office 367-4113 HB 324 Ginger Burns, Benefits
Board of Governors A.A.S. Program 367-4990 Hardway 201 Nancy Parks, Advisor
Bookstore 333-3636 2nd Floor FAL Michelle Porter, Manager
Braxton County Center 368-7235 200 Jerry Burton
Dr., Sutton, WV
Dr. Jeani Hawkins, Dean
Bryant Place 368-4986
1st Floor
6th Floor
BP Jessica Cooper, RD
Budget  367-4654  HB 305  Deborah Stiles, Director 
Campus Apartments 367-4949 E. Garden Lane Porter Stiles
Caperton Center 367-4026 CC 130 Dr. Nancy McClure, Director
Caperton Center Library 367-4030 CC Pat Ellis & Tisha Lang
Career Services 367- HB 3 Brandy Smith
Catering Services Office 367-4090 Dining Hall FAL Cathy Basagic
CLEP Testing Services 367-7254 Advanced Technology Center  
Continuing Education 367-4290 Advanced Technology Center Kimberly Cale, Director of Operations
Copy Center 367-4185 3rd Floor FAL Georgeann Cain
Crisis Counseling Voice
VP 367-4072
Turley Center Counselor
CTE Consortium Coordinator 367-4094 Hardway 201 Linda Cronin
Dining Hall 367-4119 3rd Floor FAL John Kellar
Disability Services &
Psychological Services

VP 367-4072

Turley Center Andrea Pammer, Student
Therapist/ADA Counselor
Dual Enrollment (Early Entry) 368-7235 Lewis County Lisa Phillips, Coordinator
Facilities 367-4861 PP Tom Tucker, Assistant VP
Foundation (Pierpont Foundation) 534-8786    
Falcon Center Reception Desk 368-7222 FAL Robin Yeager, Director

Director of Center - 367-4783, Robin Yeager
Assistant Director - 368-7223, Kevin Philyaw
Aquatics - 367-4825
Fitness-Weight Room - 368-7226
Intramurals - 367-4291, Tina Mascaro
ID Cards - 368-7227, Shana Bock

Financial Aid and Scholarships 367-4892 HB 248 Cynthia Hudok, Director
Frank & Jane Gabor
West Virginia Folklife Center

367-4403 or

Gabor WV Folklife Center Dr. Judy Byers
Graduation Planning 367-4659 Turley Center Suzanne Gripper
Honors Program 367-4260 Turley Center Dr. J. Robert Baker
Housing 367-4216 
Turley Center Alicia Moore, Budget Director
Liza Abel, Coordinator
Leticia West, Admin. Sec., Sr.
Human Resources 367- 4386 HB 324a Cynthia Curry, Assistant VP
I.D. Card Center 368-7227 FAL (main desk) Shana Bock, Manager
Information Technology 333-3682 Advanced Technology Center Rob Linger, VP and CIO
Interpreting Services
for the Deaf
VP 367-4072
Turley Center Andrea Pammer, Coordinator
Intramural Sports 367-4291 FAL Gym 1 Tina Mascaro, Director
IT Solution Center 367-4810 Library Joanie Raisovich, Manager
Judicial Affairs 367-4503 Hardway 230 Jennifer Weist, Assoc. VP Student Services
Laboratory Assistant Program 367-4284 ED 211 Dr. Rosemarie Romesburg,
Laboratory Preschool 367-4846 ED 124 Barbara Pavel-Alvarez, Coordinator
Lewis County Center 368-7256 205 Minuteman
Way, Weston,WV
Dr. Jeani Hawkins, Dean
Library: Main Phone 367-4733 LB Thelma Hutchins, Director

Library Departments:
Circulation-Reserves - 367-4778
Coordinator of Reference and Instructional Services - 367-4617
Director of Library Services - 367-4122
Interlibrary Loan-367-4622
Periodicals - 367-4735
Reference - 367-4121
Technical Services - 367-4697

Mailroom 367-4243 PP Juddy McMasters
Medical Laboratory Technology 368-7205 ED 208 Dr. Rosemarie Romesburg, 
Morrow Hall 367-4649 MH Jessica Destefano, RD
National Aerospace Education Center 367-4800 Bridgeport, WV Thomas Stose, Director
Nickel 367-4976 2nd Floor FAL Rob Lemon 
Regional Academics 368-7256 LW

Dr. Jeani Hawkins, Dean

Payroll 367-4818 HB 324 Cinda Ewing, Director
Pence Hall 367-4648 PH Jessica Destefano, RD 
Physical Plant, Director 367-4861 PP Tom Tucker, Assistant VP
Placement Testing 367-4990 Hardway 201 Nancy Parks 
PRAXIS 367-4836 HB 202a Ann Lester
President 367-4933 Advanced Technology Center/HB Dr. Johnny Moore, President
Prichard Hall 367-4647 PH2 Jessica Destefano, RD
Procurement 367-4711 HB 305 Monica Cochran, Director
Public Relations 367-4913 HB Bo Sellers
Public Safety 367-4157 3rd Floor FAL Jack Clayton
Radiologic Technology 367-4284 ED 211 Dr. Rosemarie Romesburg,
Registrar 367-4141 Turley Center Evie Brantmayer
Residence Life 367-4216
Turley Center Dr. Tim Rice, Budget Director
Liza Abel, Coordinator
Leticia West, Adm. Sec., Sr.
Respiratory Care 367-4874 or 367-4876 Wallman Michael Walls, Program Coordinator
Ruth Ann Musick Library 367-4733 LB Thelma Hutchins, Director
Robert C. Byrd National Aerospace Education Center 367-4800 Bridgeport, WV Thomas Stose, Director
Solution Center 367-4810 Library Joanie Raisovich, Manager
Stockroom 367-4278 PP Brenda Johnson
Student Activities 333-3647 318 Colebank  
Student Employment 367-4836 222A Turley Center Savanna Shuck
Student Government 333-3665 105F Turley Center Meagan Gibson
Student Health Services 367-4155 3rd Floor FAL Trish Watson
Student IDs 368-7227 FAL (Main Desk) Shana Bock, Manager
Student Publications 367-4260 JH 311 Robert Baker, Advisor
Supply and Receiving 367-4278 PP Brenda Johnson
Teaching and Learning Commons 367-4810 Lib 126 Joanie Raisovich, Manager
TEAS Testing Services 367-4920 Advanced Technology Center  
The Columns (student newspaper) 367-4260 JH 311  
Tutorial/Supplemental Instruction 367-4294 2nd Floor Library Linda King
Veterans' Services 367-4660 Turley Center  
Video Services 367-4172 LB 139 Jeff Miller
Wesley Foundation 363-8210 WF  
West Virginia Child Nutrition Center 367-4843 ED 141 Brooke Nissim-Sabat, Director
West Virginia Folklife Center 367-4403 ED 113 Dr. Judy Byers
Workforce & Economic Development 534-7886 Advanced Technology Center Tracey Kennedy, Program Manager
Workforce Investment Act, Trade Act, &
Weekend College
367-4907 HB 201 Miwa Edwards