Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance Procedures for Army Reserves and WV National Guard Members

Tuition Assistance (TA) is a tremendous opportunity for Reservists and National Guard members to pay for college courses. TA does not affect your federal financial aid or state grants and can be used along with most VA educational benefits. Please review the procedures for using your respective TA program at our schools and look for links that will direct you to resources you can use to help you understand all of your opportunities.

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Army Tuition Assistance

Army reservists and active duty members have access to $4,500 (at $250 per credit hour) in tuition assistance each fiscal year.
  • Go to this GoArmyEd link for a guide to establish your GoArmyEd account and enroll in tuition assistance.

  • Once Tuition Assistance is approved by your Army Education Counselor/Reserve ESS, please print out your tuition assistance approval from the GoArmyEd website.

  • Bring the TA approval form(s) to us in Enrollment Services where a deferment for the approved tuition and fees will be placed on your account. You can deliver them in person at the Enrollment Services Center; by email:; Fax: (304) 367-4789; or mail: Enrollment Services; Pierpont C&TC; 248 Hardway Hall; 1201 Locust Ave.; Fairmont, WV 26554

*Please understand your full benefits allowed under both the VA and the Army Tuition Assistance Programs. The Code of Federal Regulations states active duty service-persons may not receive VA benefits for the same courses for which they receive TA from the military.

National Guard Tuition Assistance

The West Virginia National Guard Educational Encouragement Program (WVEEP) may cover up to 100% of the cost of tuition and fees for in-state schools, up to $7,000 annually. For students who have full scholarship under the Promise Scholars Program, WVEEP will pay them the money that would have been paid to the school. Please go to WV National Guard's Benefits and Entitlements website for further information.
  • Click here for the WV Army National Guard tuition assistance application.
  • Return the application to Valerie Lambing by mail or fax 30 days prior to classes starting. Valerie Lambing's contact information is on the application.

  • Valerie Lambing will put you on a roster. She then sends that roster to us confirming that the WVANG will pay approved tuition and fees for the students on that roster.
  • Once we receive your approval with the WVANG, we will put a deferment on your student account for the approved WVANG payment for tuition and fees. We will not place this deferment on your account until we receive confirmation from Valerie Lambing.

  • Any delay in submitting your application to Valerie Lambing, may delay approval and communication between Valerie Lambing and us regarding your tuition and fees. Any questions regarding your tuition assistance, please contact Kathy:; COMM: (304) 561-6306.
If you have further questions regarding your tuition assistance, VA educational benefits, and financial aid, please call us in the Financial Aid office at (304) 367-4141 or Email: and ask for a Veterans Certifying Official.
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