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Media Relations

Our media-relations experts write press releases, press alerts and prepare press kits. We also connect media with our faculty and staff and advise departments and programs on how to make good use of media resources. We will help you publicize your events as well.


We have established guidelines that will describe Pierpont’s position with respect to interacting with members of the press. Effective communications with the media are critical
to Pierpont’s ability to carry out its mission and promote continued public support for the College. Effective media relations best serve the college by: informing the public of what the College cad do for them; promoting the College’s achievement, activities and events of significance; expanding the general visibility of the college; and ensuring that accurate information is conveyed to the public regarding incidents and issues of a controversial and/or sensitive nature.
Positive media solicitation is an integral element of the College’s communications program. Our standing within the communities throughout our region is paramount to
sustaining our reputation as a quality, viable two-year institution of higher learning.