Special Fee | Pierpont C&TC

Special Fee

New Student Orientation Fee $130.00
Other Fees - Applies as Appropriate
Board of Governor’s Degree Evaluation $300.00
Competitive Programs Application Fee $20.00
Credit Conversion Fee (per credit) $22.00
Credit for Life Experience Evaluation $300.00
Diploma Replacement $50.00
Dual Enrollment Fee (per credit hour) $25.00
E-Learning Course Fee (per credit hour) $50.00
Excess Course Withdrawal Fee (assessed per course after 4 course withdrawals) $50.00
ID Card Replacement Fee $20.00
Late Payment Fee $50.00
Late Registration Fee $50.00
Occupational Develop/Tech Studies Degree Evaluation Fee $150.00
Off-Campus Instruction Fee (per credit hour up to $256 maximum) $22.00
Placement Credential Fee $3.00
Priority Transcript Fee $9.00
Reinstatement Fee $25.00
Returned Check Fee $15.00
Special Examinations for course credit (per credit hour) $22.00
Senior Citizens Audit Fee (per credit hour) $22.00
Violation of Tobacco Free Campus Policy – 2nd Offense $50.00
Violation of Tobacco Free Campus Policy – 3rd Offense $100.00
Pierpont Facilities Fee * $151.00
Pierpont Facilities Fee II * $29.00

*NOTE: Students will only pay either the Pierpont Facilities Fee or the Pierpont Facilities Fee II, but not both.