Parents and family members have a vested interest in the experience their student has leading up to admission, through enrollment, and ultimately graduation. The Pierpont family welcomes not only your student, but also your family. We share a common goal — we too want to see your student happy, healthy, and achieving their objectives. We're with you every step of the way, cheering them on and providing them with guidance and helpful resources. 

We want you to be involved, included, informed, and invested. To help you and your student remain on track throughout their academic career, we host several programs and events throughout to keep you informed — check out the links on the left for more information.

Whether you are determining if Pierpont is the best choice for your student, or your student is already a part of our family, feel free to use the resource links below. And, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions — we're here to help!

Pierpont is pleased to offer students free access to several Student Success workshops that will help students develop skills both in and out of the classroom. Experts from colleges all over the country deliver mini-lessons on specific college success skills, from developing study skills to how to be successful in an on-line class to how to stay on top of your budget.  There are over 40 workshops to choose from, and each one has related readings and activities.  
Although these workshops are considered "self help," if you would like to ensure that your students have completed workshops that you believe would benefit them, please know that the Student Lingo system automatically generates Certificates of Completion.  And if you as a parent are interested in learning more about these subjects, they are free to you and your family members, too.
Direct any questions or feedback to
StudentLingo is a series of interactive on-demand workshops, action plans, and valuable resources focused on helping college students achieve their academic, personal, and career goals. for more information, go to or click on the image.


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