Pierpont Presidential Search Position Description | Pierpont C&TC

Pierpont Presidential Search Position Description


A Doctorate or other terminal degree, along with significant and relevant administrative leadership and faculty/academic experience.


  • Serves as the President of the College at the will and pleasure of the Pierpont Community & Technical College Board of Governors
  • Fulfills the mission and vision of Pierpont Community & Technical College
  • Establishes and maintains communications with the Board of Governors and executive team to ensure open and effective working relationships and transparency
  • Oversees and manages budgeting approaches and financial models that support the basic needs of the College, to encourage growth, and to provide for some managed risk strategies
  • Develops and implements comprehensive fundraising strategies for both programmatic and capital funding needs
  • Networks and works to develop policy with legislative and regulatory bodies whose support is essential to the success of the institution
  • Establishes, nurtures and maintains successful partnerships with businesses and industries and with other educational leaders and entities, especially within the state
  • Builds, nurtures and maintains stakeholder and community connections and partnerships
  • Oversees and directs strategic planning and facilities planning
  • Oversees and directs the management of the institutional facilities
  • Envisions and develops successful models for strategic planning, assessment, data collection, and implementation that can be used in charting the future of the institution
  • Oversees the development of innovative academic programs that promote student success and growth
  • Facilitates the development of comprehensive marketing strategies for the institution and its programs and services
  • Ensures that all faculty and staff have a stake in the College’s success by encouraging their best work and developing open communications and exchanges of idea;
  • Oversees assessment of institutional effectiveness, performance indicators and supporting data
  • Monitors trends in higher education and promoting educational strategies to address those trends
  • Oversees the facilitation and implementation various uses of technology in both classroom and organization efforts
  • Embraces through action and example the cultural, ethnic and gender diversity of students, faculty and staff
  • Adheres to, and complies with, all relevant federal, state and local laws
  • If provided a state purchasing card, abides by all state procurement rules and reporting requirements
  • Complies with all institutional polices and guidelines and complies with WV State Ethics Act
  • Complete all required performance evaluations timely, completely, and accurately
  • Performs related functions and projects as well as new mandates as assigned and as necessary


  • Extensive administrative and teaching experience at a community college
  • Leadership qualities and characteristics that model and inspire excellence and dedication in faculty, employees and students
  • Proven effective communication skills, both oral and written  
  • Proven financial leadership experience
  • Decisiveness in handling competing demands
  • Political astuteness and the ability to effectively work within a state political system and with elected and appointed officials
  • Proven ability to lead collaboratively, supportively and responsively in regard to all constituency groups
  • Extensive experience in institutional strategic planning and implementation
  • Expertise in recognizing and acting upon emerging trends and opportunities to the benefit of the College and its students  
  • Proven skills and experience in developing and nurturing relationships relevant to the future of the College  
  • The highest standards of personal and professional integrity and adherence to ethics


  • A demonstrated leader and proven manager with the ability to motivate, inspire, and instill confidence in others
  • An active listener who is open, approachable and  accessible to students, faculty, staff, and others
  • A person comfortable with high public visibility and experience with developing partnerships and alliances
  • A thoughtful leader with a record of establishing and integrating cutting-edge programs and ideas
  • An energetic self-starter who is flexible and able to prioritize multiple tasks