BIOL 2205

Technical Microbiology

Designed for the Allied Health Programs, this course emphasizes the history of microbiology, microbial morphology and structure; microbial growth and physiology; environmental effects on bacteria; inhibition and killing of bacteria; virulence, pathogenicity, and invasiveness of microbes; modes of disease transmission; resistance and immunity; techniques of isolation; handling, culturing, identifying bacteria and the inhibition of bacteria. Safety, cleanliness, and responsibility are taught in the laboratory. 3 hours of lecture and one two-hour lab per week.


BIOL 1106

Biological Principles II

This introductory course in cellular biology emphasizes the organization and functions common to all living cells. The major topics to be explored include cell organelle structure and function, the molecular basis of cell energetics, the cell cycle and basic molecular biology of the cell. 3 hours of lecture and one 3-hour laboratory per week.


BIOY 1101

Biological Principles I

This introductory course in population biology explores the organization and function of populations, including reproduction and transmission genetics, patterns and mechanisms of evolutionary change and the fundamental concepts of ecology. 3 hours of lecture and one 3-hour laboratory per week.